Executable Gherkin Specifications

Write a feature spec to describe behaviour
                                         # file: todo.feature
   Feature: Todo
  Scenario: Create todo list
      Given a new todo list
       When the following items are added
            | Get the milk  |
            | Walk the dog  |
       Then the list will contain 2 items
Write a meta spec to define your step definitions
                                            # file: todo.meta
   Feature: Todo Meta (automation glue)

  Scenario: a new todo list
       When I navigate to "http://todomvc.com/examples/react"
       Then the todo field can be located by class "new-todo"
        And count can be located by css ".todo-count strong"
  Scenario: the following items are added
       When I enter data[item] in the todo field
       Then count should be record.number

  Scenario: the list will contain <expected> items
       Then count should be "$<expected>"
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