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Gwen 3 Release

What's New

Add Gwen to your JS project

You can now add Gwen to projects using npm and have all your executable Gherkin living next to your code and integrated into your development and testing process.

Thanks to Ruby Juric for building gwen-web-npm.

Init project command

A new gwen init command initialises Gwen in your project directory by creating the following:

  • Project, browser, and environment level settings files
  • Feature and meta subdirectories
  • Sample feature and meta files
  • Docker files
  • Jenkins pipeline file

You also get automatic gwen udpates by default.

HOCON and JSON settings

Two new settings formats are now supported in addition to properties:

  • HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation)
    • A superset of JSON
  • JSON
    • Pure JSON format

Better defaults for better Gherkin

The gwen.feature.mode setting now defaults to declarative instead of imperative to keep DSL steps confined to meta and out of feature specifications.

The gwen.behavior.rules setting now defaults to strict instead of lenient to enforce correct behavioural semantics and proper Given-When-Then order.

Pretty logging

Gwen now logs pretty execution results to the console.

Example pretty log

New CLI option for verbose logging

Use the new -v|--verbose CLI option for verbose logging instead (equivalent to Gwen 2 logging).

Configurable CLI options

CLI options are now configurable enabling you to customize your own Gwen launch profile.

Selenium 4

The embedded web engine now uses Selenium 4

New DSLs have been added to support:

Support for W3C compliant capabilities has been added, since v3.20.0:

What's dropped

  • Gwen workspaces have been dropped in favor of Gwen projects
  • Applitools integration has been removed
  • Interpolation by concatenation deprecated in favor of substitution (dropped in v3.14.0)

Migration guide