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HTML Reports

Since v1.0.0

Pretty HTML reports capture evaluated results and statistics.

Generate reports

Launch Gwen with the -f html option to generate HTML reports when executing your features.


Execute features in the gwen/features/todo folder and generate HTML reports.

yarn gwen -b -f html gwen/features/todo

Gwen CLI


  • Reports will be generated in the gwen/output/reports directory as per the default setting
    • The HTML index page will be generated at gwen/output/reports/index.html.
    • If you want reports generated in a different directory, you can either:
      • Amend the above setting to change the default
      • Or include the -r|--report CLI option and specify a directory on every launch

View report

Opening the generated HTML report in your browser will display the summary.

Example HTML report

Clicking the feature link in the summary will open the feature detail.

Example HTML report

Expand Step Defs

StepDefs are inlined and can be expanded by hovering over steps with the mouse and clicking them in the report.

Example HTML report