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Video Recordings

Video recordings of browser sessions can be captured when running Gwen in Docker with Selenoid, and if either the GWEN_VIDEO environment variable or the selenoid:options.enableVideo capability setting are set to true. Under these conditions, MP4 video recordings of each session will be attached to HTML reports when execution completes.


Videos can also be captured if you run Gwen on BrowserStack or LambdaTest however they are maintained on their dashboards and are not integrated into Gwen HTML reports.

File: gwen/browsers/selenoid.conf

gwen {
web {
capabilities {
"selenoid:options" {
enableVideo = true

Videos will not be recorded when parallel execution, headless browser, or interactive (non --batch/-b) modes are enabled.

Summary reports

A button will appear in the report summary line for each feature in the summary report (one browser session):

Example video button

Detail reports

A button will appear in the detail report header if one video was captured (one browser session):

Example video button

A dropdown will appear in the report header if several videos were captured (multiple browser sessions):

Example video links

Clicking a video button or link in the report will open and play the video in a new browser window.

Sample video